Day trips in the Zillertal

Adventure thermal spa Zillertal

Treat yourself to some spa time. No matter if you’re in the paddling pool with the kids or on one of the two water slides, in the waves pool or in one of the outside pools that are 32°- 35° warm, you won’t feel like going home any time soon.
Distance: 31 km 

Swarovski crystal worlds

Opened in 1995 its welcomed and has left 14 million people astonished by its beauty. Visitors are surprised, touched and who knows, maybe even magically transformed by the crystals’ many facettes. 
Distance: 62 km

County capital Innsbruck

The city is well known for its buildings from the imperial era and also its modern architecture. The centrepiece at the heart of the old town of Innsbruck is the ‘Golden Dachl’ from the middle ages. The imperial ‘Hofburg’ lets you get a glimpse of the decadent lifestyle that the Habsburger Dynasty got to live. Next to its many sights the city also offers some great shopping and strolls around the city. 
Distance: 78 km

House on its head

A completely furnished house on its head gives visitors the opportunity to imagine what the world would look like from the view of a bat. Lots of furniture is stuck to the ceiling and the objects seem new and interesting from that perspective. A great adventure for the whole family. 
Distance: 63km

Krimmler Waterfalls

The waterfalls that fall from a height of 385m are the highest falls in Europe. They’re at the end of the village Krimml in the national park ‘Hohe Tauern’. The waterfalls are officially recognised as a natural remedy for asthmatics and allergy sufferer. In the ‘Water-wonder-world’ at the bottom of the Krimmler falls kids as well as grown ups can find out more about the power that’s packed into every drop of water. 
Distance: 20km

Zillertal alpine road

The road is one of the most beautiful alpine roads in Austria and is a beautiful drive for every visitor up to a height of 2,020 meters. No matter if it’s via car, bus or even bike, it’s an unforgettable experience in the midst of the Zillertaler alps. 
Distance: 18km to ‘Zellberg’

Silver mine Schwaz

The guide accompanies you and tells you of the rough life that the miners of Schwaz had to live at the peak of silver mining and gives a good overview of the important role Schwaz played in the middle ages. There’s a temperature of 12°C at all times inside the mine. We recommend appropriate outerwear and shoes. 
Distance: 51 km

Adventure dairy Zillertal

Find out more about the traditional as well as modern hay milk processing. Fresh hay milk from about 400 alms and mountain farms are being processed daily in the dairy. Through its glass production line on 6,000m² you’ll see how cheese, yoghurt and butter and many more get made. You can taste various produce at 8 different stops. Then, you can go on to the viewing farm with many animals and a children’s playground. 
Distance: 25 km 

Wax art Brixlegg

The family company currently produces around 5000 different handmade candles and wax products. For visitors, it’s an interesting view into the many different carving techniques that get used for wax. There’s also a wax museum that’s 300m² big. 
Distance: 45km

‘Achensee’ lake - cog railway - Achenlake boat ride

Travel from ‘Jenbach’ to ‘Achensee’ lake with the oldest cog railway of its kind in Europe
When you get to the top, there’ll already be a steamer waiting, with with visitors can continue their panoramic travels. 
Distance: 43 km