Wellness at Landhaus Dengg

A hot delight - not just on cold days. Revive your body and mind after an eventful day in our Wellness area. Enjoy the stay in a holiday apartment with a touch of wellness in our very own Wellness haven. 

Our Sauna World

Finnish Sauna 

The classic amongst the saunas lets you wind down in a very relaxed setting. The normal temperature is set at around 85° to 100° Celsius. The combination of the warmth of the sauna and the cold, dry outside air temperature (in winter) has transpired to be especially effective for recovery and is usually perceived as much more comfortable than a cold water bath. 

Infrared sauna with coloured light ingenuity 

Infrared radiation is the best way to indulge your body in warmth. The body raises the blood circulation of the skin which can aid to relieve pain and help cleanse the body.

Bio - herbal Sauna 

The herbal sauna runs on lower temperatures, approximately between  60° - 70° Celsius - ideal for sauna novices. 

Aroma steam room

The synergy between warmth and humidity in the aroma steam room, with its added natural aromas, has a calming effect on your body. The temperature measures 45° celsius. 

Cooling down after the sauna

If you seek a welcoming cooling down after the sauna, head to the wellness shower with its ice and tropical rain. The brave ones amongst you might even dare a jump into the snow. There’s a direct access to the garden, which can’t be overlooked from the outside. The relaxing quiet room with its open fire and pleasantly sounding music will ease anyone’s tension. Revive your spirits at the drinking fountain with its Tyrolean alpine spring water and unwind with a magnificent view onto the beautiful scenery of the ‘Zillertaler’ alps.